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At McBride and McCreesh Opticians we understand that finding that perfect pair of glasses, isn’t just about deciding on what frame you like and what your lens prescription is.  We realise it goes beyond those factors.  After all, your glasses are an integral part of how you look and how you feel.  Therefore, our dispensing optician will also take your face shape, hair colour, complexion, personality and fashion style in to consideration before making suggestions for your eyewear.  This will ensure that you and your glasses always look fabulous!

Sports Eyewear

We have vast experience in advising sports fanatics on the most appropriate corrective/protective eyewear for their sporting activities, whether that be swimming, diving, cycling, skiing or ball games etc.  At McBride and McCreesh Opticians, we have a wide variety of sporting frames on display in our practice to suit all tastes and budgets.  We understand that sporting eyewear must fulfil its purpose, be durable, and yet look good to encourage the sportsperson to wear it.  Alternatively, have you considered contact lenses for sport?


Safety Glasses

We have extensive involvement in the supply of safety and industrial eyewear in the local community.  We can create a bespoke safety eyewear package for any individual, or workforce.  For further information, price quotations and specialist advice please contact us on 028 6632 2524.


Qualified Prescription and Fitting

Our staff are fully qualified, have extensive experience in the prescription and fitting of eyewear, and are always on hand to help you select the most suitable frame for your needs, tastes and budget.

We Offer:McBride and McCreesh Logo

  1. Personal service including bespoke knowledge and advice
  2. 90-day* varifocal non-tolerance guarantee
  3. A one year warranty on our frames against manufacturing defects
  4. Lifelong aftercare and assistance with your glasses including repairs and adjustments

*see in store for details

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